Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to make nose up

Look naturally beautiful is the dream of every person, especially a woman. One that adds beauty is the perfect nose. Everyone will want to have a beautiful nose shape. Someone who has a lovely nose look more beautiful than the person who has a pug nose. But what if we have a pug nose? We do not need to worry because beauty experts have found a way to make the nose up.

There are several ways to make the nose up.

1. With plastic surgery

You may choose this method, but this way has many long-term risks. 

2. Injectable silicone

This method may include speed up the process you make sharp nose. But the method is far more at risk again. Maybe you could never dream of having an attractive nose again. The silicone have dangerous effect.

3. Facial exercise

This is the most secure method and you do not need to spend money. You can try some of these exercises :

a. The first method you can use is by massaging your face. This way you can reshape your nose naturally. Use of essential oils while massaging the nose. Massage starts from the nostrils and hold up to the base of the nose near the eye. Do massage with gentle. 

b. Or you can also do the following exercises. Clasp your nose with your thumb and forefinger. hold while somewhat lift.

c. You must be familiar with yoga. yoga movements called "smiling fish frenzy" can shrink the muscle of the cheek and nose.
Smile with teeth clenched together, lasting up to several seconds (about 20 seconds)

d. The following yoga exercises can help you.
Sit straight with relaxed closed one nostril with your thumb. suppose that the left nostril. Nasal breathing right while calculated with four counts. Hold your breath until the count of four. Exhale with six counts. Done by alternately.

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