Friday, August 31, 2012

Benefits snail

The rainy season is always eagerly awaited by farmers. The fields will start greening again, overgrown lots of rice. Especially in the villages where the presence of water is highly dependent on the arrival of the rainy season

But the arrival of the rainy season is also a sign of the coming of snails. Snails can live freely only in moist environments. It is clearly disturbing because often be a pest snails. Because snails subsisted by eating leaves. They often eat young banana leaves, vegetables, and various shoots. It is clearly detrimental to the plant owners

Historically, snail from East Africa. They stuck to ships ever come to the continent. Because it is easy to breed (they are hermaphrodites) snails can spread quickly throughout the world.

Apparently animals including the class Gastropoda was long used as food ingredients. This is because the snails are quite high in protein. Protein content beating cows, chickens, rabbits and even quail though. Additionally snail has a low fat content, making it suitable for people who require a high protein intake while fat diet.

 For those of you who want to try to cook snails themselves, or just want to know how to use snail, not hurt you to read the following snail processing methods.

1. We collect snails in considerable amounts, boiled snails shelled certainly still in the water mixed with salt.
2. Stir constantly until 45 minutes
3. Once done remove and store them in a vessel filled cold water, wash up mucus actually lost.  While we clean boiled some water in a clean saucepan.
4. Boil the snails back in the pot we boil the water before.
5. After about 10 minutes then boiled meat removed from the shell. If you need to hit with a hard object.
6. Once completed, boil again for 15 minutes

 Now you can cook bebicot suit your taste, can be broiled, fried, or made ​​crackers

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