Monday, March 25, 2013

Your Love, Your Pure Love

For you, my heart.

In your body i see your beauty
In your soul i see your pure heart
In your heart i see your love

Why i must love you?
Why i have to miss you?

Don't give me your smile if it kills my heart
In night i always remember your face
Your face that make my heart miss you
Give me your pure heart
Pure love

In your body i see your beauty
In your soul i see your pure heart
In your heart i see your love
Your love, your pure love

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Make Money Online

If you want make money in internet there are a lot of ways.

1. Sell something in internet.
Many sites provide service for you to sell your product in internet. But of course don't sell ilegal product or you may got trouble. Or you can make your website/blog for this business.
2. sell eBook
You can make good eBook and sell to others who need your experience, your amazing knowledge which you write in your eBook. You may sell in website / bloge or other affilliate site.
3. Make your own blog and monitize it.
It's will be your passive income. You can monitize your blog and submit it to PPC site to get your monthly income. Make good content for your maximal income.
4. Be Author
You can make your earning by be an Author. Many site need author who can make good content for their web. Join them.
5. Be PTC/PTR member
You will paid for click advertisment or surf website and read email. Many PTC site in internet , You must be diligent and get refferal for your maximal income. But don't forget avoid PTC scam.
6. Make game/application
Sell them or put them in some site that pay you if someone download your game/application.
7. Discussion
There are many site that pay you for discussion. Be active member and you will get much dollar.
8. Join survey.
Your opinion is valuable. That's why many company willing to pay you for your opinion.
9. Be web/blog designer
Many people need good design for their website/blog and you can sell your expertise for profit
10. Sell your blog
11. Be forex trader.
Foreign exchange can be wonderful income.

How to Get Long Life

I'm sure that every body want get long life. But do you know that not anybody don't realize that long life is not necessarily mean having a strong body.

Every man in the world want to spend entire of his life with happiness. And it will be means have healthy body.
Of couse because the pain was not fun.
Our life is depending of how we conduct our lives. If we are lazy to take exercise, we will weak, have poor health, and so bad. But if we always take care about ourselves it will be good, right?
This is some natural ways to maintain your life.
1. always exercise every day
it's good for your body. There is a strong spirit in a healthy body. If you always get exercise everyday. Better to do it in the morning, you willl get strong bones and muscles. Forget about plastics surgery. It's fake.
2. Avoid alcohol and smoking.
Alcohol and smoking can make your bones weak, because calcium in the bone easily remove. And also can cuse lung cancer. Do you know that's our body mostly controlled by the mind. The mind from brain and brain can damaged by alcohol and smoke.
3. Open your mind for happiness.
Don't let stress control yor mind. It's dangerous. A woman who has been sentenced by a physician cancer.she  free his mind from the problem, got positive thinking and the results doctors declared him healthy again as usual.
4. avoid stress
God will not give examination beyond the power of man. So why we must fear to face life. just relax and it's good for you. Stress can cause your body down.
5. Eat foods that are good for health
Eat enough carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins are balanced to suit your needs.
Make it a habit every day to consume fruits, milk, tea, vegetables and meat are sufficient.
6. Take enough rest
Do not torture your body and do not also pamper your body. Let your body get enough rest.
Get a good sleep enough. Do not be too long do not also too little to fit your needs
In the end your body, your mind and your soul must be in balance for get good life. Because your life means for others

Signs Your Boyfriend Cheating

You have boyfriend. Do you one hundred percent believe that he is faithful lover.
You must catch the sign of your lover attitude.

Do you already know how fidelity your boyfriend? Is he the type of the faithful or easy affair. You have to read every his move.
The human heart is deep even deeper than the Indian ocean. That's why no one in the world can know what is inside of another's hearth. Even though they are our closest people. Be careful not to be fooled by every his word or even jealous without cause. Because of that peruse on every his behavior.

Are you ready to know what type of boyfriend.? Take a look!
1. Your boyfriend jealousy without cause
Everybody naturally describes each person as himself. This means that if you have a character naturally you would think that someone has the same character with you. So sometimes he will think that you are cheating him.
In addition he is also jealous to fool you as if he was in love with you.
2. Suddenly too good to you
To hide his affair, men will spend his experience swinger by suddenly too good to you.
Suddenly he would give a million surprise such as give you flower, to give the impression that he is faithful.
3. He always caught call someone without wanting to known by you.
If you catch him calling someone and he nervous or even turn off his phone then surely he is hiding something. Or he always get a call from foreign and if you asked "who's that?" He always say wrong number.
4. your boyfriend refuses to see you.
If his refuses is routine ,Maybe he has another appointments with his another girl. You asked him to come to your house and he always says" sorry dear, i'm busy now ,maybe next time , my love"
5. Often angry for no reason
6. he did so more often dress up but not to meet you
If he do that not for special event with you , he do that for anyone else. If his dressed more metrosexual that is for a girl.
7. he always late to borrow you his Phone
If you asked him to borrow you his phone and He typing something first on his phone then there is a pssibily that  he is deleting or hiding secret number.

How to Make Good Keyword for Your Blog?

Choosing keyword is very important because keyword is the important thing of the blog. If you make wrong keyword will cause our blogs are hard to detect by search engines. Keyword is word or phrase that we use in order to our blog can be easily detected by search engine. Keyword is also the essence of our content in our blog. That is why we must make good keyword for our blog. To create a keyword, we should guess about what will look or word to be used by surfer in the search engine. 
Make long phrases because a word is hard to detected by search engine. Your short keyword will be defeated by old blog or blog which has high traffic. 
Make keyword based of 
Google has provided it's fitur for us. If you want make good keyword you must see it in 
In that site you will know the good keyword for your business.
If your business or your blog still new , make long keywords. For example if your blog is about making money and you use " making money" as keyword , you can see that the competition is high because sell gadget is general word in bussiness . Maybe your blog will at low position. And also the surfer usually not make two word in search engine. 
look at this picture
Fill word phrase form with making money , choose location and languange , type the captcha and click search
You will see that if you use making money as your keyword your blog will compete with so much website or blog.
Choose medium or low competition for beginning, in the picture above 
Now you can create your article with good article. 
For example you see that make money has low competition but with 5,000,000 monthly search ,make article with make money easy or make money just in home or how to make money as the tittle.

Friday, March 8, 2013

The good way to save your life

Do you want to have long life?
Yes of course  and i'm sure that not anybody in the world want to have short life.
But do you know that many people don't care about him/herself. ? 

I think we must realize that the only one who can hurt us is ourselves. Not another person. 
Why i thought that.? because other will not harm you if you dind't make his/her  heart hurts or have not a chance. And of course don't give him/her a chance. And what happened to us is our responsibility for our attitude.

For examle, if you don't like take exercise every morning, don't be wonder if you get sick, you weak, you looks so bad.

If we always eat  good food everyday such as, enough meat, vegetables, milk,fruit, don't be wonder if you always healthy. 

Take an enough rest  everyday, and don't be lazy , it wil make you better.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Son goku is a main protagonis character in Dragon Ball Manga. He is an ET of a planet called Vegeta. He was sent to earth in order to destroy the planet. Son goku was a baby in that time. Terrific , the boy has  

different fate. He is determine to be a hero. In the Future he will defeat Frieza, a man who destroy his planet.