Sunday, March 24, 2013

Signs Your Boyfriend Cheating

You have boyfriend. Do you one hundred percent believe that he is faithful lover.
You must catch the sign of your lover attitude.

Do you already know how fidelity your boyfriend? Is he the type of the faithful or easy affair. You have to read every his move.
The human heart is deep even deeper than the Indian ocean. That's why no one in the world can know what is inside of another's hearth. Even though they are our closest people. Be careful not to be fooled by every his word or even jealous without cause. Because of that peruse on every his behavior.

Are you ready to know what type of boyfriend.? Take a look!
1. Your boyfriend jealousy without cause
Everybody naturally describes each person as himself. This means that if you have a character naturally you would think that someone has the same character with you. So sometimes he will think that you are cheating him.
In addition he is also jealous to fool you as if he was in love with you.
2. Suddenly too good to you
To hide his affair, men will spend his experience swinger by suddenly too good to you.
Suddenly he would give a million surprise such as give you flower, to give the impression that he is faithful.
3. He always caught call someone without wanting to known by you.
If you catch him calling someone and he nervous or even turn off his phone then surely he is hiding something. Or he always get a call from foreign and if you asked "who's that?" He always say wrong number.
4. your boyfriend refuses to see you.
If his refuses is routine ,Maybe he has another appointments with his another girl. You asked him to come to your house and he always says" sorry dear, i'm busy now ,maybe next time , my love"
5. Often angry for no reason
6. he did so more often dress up but not to meet you
If he do that not for special event with you , he do that for anyone else. If his dressed more metrosexual that is for a girl.
7. he always late to borrow you his Phone
If you asked him to borrow you his phone and He typing something first on his phone then there is a pssibily that  he is deleting or hiding secret number.

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