Sunday, March 24, 2013

How to Make Good Keyword for Your Blog?

Choosing keyword is very important because keyword is the important thing of the blog. If you make wrong keyword will cause our blogs are hard to detect by search engines. Keyword is word or phrase that we use in order to our blog can be easily detected by search engine. Keyword is also the essence of our content in our blog. That is why we must make good keyword for our blog. To create a keyword, we should guess about what will look or word to be used by surfer in the search engine. 
Make long phrases because a word is hard to detected by search engine. Your short keyword will be defeated by old blog or blog which has high traffic. 
Make keyword based of 
Google has provided it's fitur for us. If you want make good keyword you must see it in 
In that site you will know the good keyword for your business.
If your business or your blog still new , make long keywords. For example if your blog is about making money and you use " making money" as keyword , you can see that the competition is high because sell gadget is general word in bussiness . Maybe your blog will at low position. And also the surfer usually not make two word in search engine. 
look at this picture
Fill word phrase form with making money , choose location and languange , type the captcha and click search
You will see that if you use making money as your keyword your blog will compete with so much website or blog.
Choose medium or low competition for beginning, in the picture above 
Now you can create your article with good article. 
For example you see that make money has low competition but with 5,000,000 monthly search ,make article with make money easy or make money just in home or how to make money as the tittle.

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