Sunday, March 24, 2013

How to Get Long Life

I'm sure that every body want get long life. But do you know that not anybody don't realize that long life is not necessarily mean having a strong body.

Every man in the world want to spend entire of his life with happiness. And it will be means have healthy body.
Of couse because the pain was not fun.
Our life is depending of how we conduct our lives. If we are lazy to take exercise, we will weak, have poor health, and so bad. But if we always take care about ourselves it will be good, right?
This is some natural ways to maintain your life.
1. always exercise every day
it's good for your body. There is a strong spirit in a healthy body. If you always get exercise everyday. Better to do it in the morning, you willl get strong bones and muscles. Forget about plastics surgery. It's fake.
2. Avoid alcohol and smoking.
Alcohol and smoking can make your bones weak, because calcium in the bone easily remove. And also can cuse lung cancer. Do you know that's our body mostly controlled by the mind. The mind from brain and brain can damaged by alcohol and smoke.
3. Open your mind for happiness.
Don't let stress control yor mind. It's dangerous. A woman who has been sentenced by a physician cancer.she  free his mind from the problem, got positive thinking and the results doctors declared him healthy again as usual.
4. avoid stress
God will not give examination beyond the power of man. So why we must fear to face life. just relax and it's good for you. Stress can cause your body down.
5. Eat foods that are good for health
Eat enough carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins are balanced to suit your needs.
Make it a habit every day to consume fruits, milk, tea, vegetables and meat are sufficient.
6. Take enough rest
Do not torture your body and do not also pamper your body. Let your body get enough rest.
Get a good sleep enough. Do not be too long do not also too little to fit your needs
In the end your body, your mind and your soul must be in balance for get good life. Because your life means for others

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