Friday, March 8, 2013

The good way to save your life

Do you want to have long life?
Yes of course  and i'm sure that not anybody in the world want to have short life.
But do you know that many people don't care about him/herself. ? 

I think we must realize that the only one who can hurt us is ourselves. Not another person. 
Why i thought that.? because other will not harm you if you dind't make his/her  heart hurts or have not a chance. And of course don't give him/her a chance. And what happened to us is our responsibility for our attitude.

For examle, if you don't like take exercise every morning, don't be wonder if you get sick, you weak, you looks so bad.

If we always eat  good food everyday such as, enough meat, vegetables, milk,fruit, don't be wonder if you always healthy. 

Take an enough rest  everyday, and don't be lazy , it wil make you better.

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