Saturday, September 1, 2012

Be careful with your words on your baby

The tongue is not reinforced. Therefore, many people are easy to say what was on his mind. In fact many people say "talk is  easy". Yes, talk is easy for even a quiet person.  

It's easy for us to express our feelings with the tongue. Even a shy when he was crushed by misfortune, might say (sorry) "damn" is easier than saying Oh God. 

But do we really could not keep our oral? Sure you can.

I once watched a show on television. A master magician or rather master hypnotist Tommy Rafael explained "be careful with your mind !" . So what the connection between the words with the  mind? Of course we all can answer. That 90% of the minds will be expressed verbally. But is there a connection with the listener's mind ?

 A listener will certainly ponder every word they hear. Even if you frequently mocked for example (sorry again) "crazy or stupid" inevitably your brain will spontaneously digest these words. It is therefore important for you always to suggestions yourself with good thoughts or indifferent to the words of people.

But what if you are the the detractors or rather say a bad thing? 
Of course if you do not want your dear kids to hear it.

There was a mother who always said "good boy" or "smart" to her son since his son was still a baby. And finally the child be a good boy because his mind is always filled with good things.

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