Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tape Bandung Fermented Cassava

Bandung is one of the major cities in Indonesia and also once the capital of West Java. Since time immemorial Bandung was known as Paris Van Java. There is even a saying that states "Don't go to Bandung without your wife" Because you will feel at home, to forget the families left behind.

For those of you who have been to the city of Bandung, may already be familiar with Tape Bandung ( Peuyeum Bandung ).Tape Bandung is a food made from fermented cassava. It is sweet and fragrant , slightly acid and aromatic alcohol.

For people of the West Java, Peuyem  Bandung  is a traditional food. So often be a special food at spesial moment or special gift from the city of Bandung.

 Likewise for the tourists seemed less complete visit to the city of Bandung when not tasted the fragrant smelling Peuyeum. But if you have not had the time to take a vacation to the city of Bandung and  want to feel Peuyeum Bandung there is no harm in making your own.

Make  Peuyeum Bandung is easy and the material is also easy to obtain.

  1. We peeled Cassava and clean it 
  2. Boiled cassava until cooked
  3. After cooking cassava sprinkle with yeast
  4. Put it in a container given a banana leaf pedestal, cover again topped with banana leaves
  5. Wait a few days (usually 3 days) to smell fragrant. 

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