Saturday, September 22, 2012

Medicinal plants

Actually medicinal plants is not something new in the medical world. In fact we had basically agreed that the plant has a high nutrition. Fruits, Vegetables, shown to have efficacy on our health. Aside from being a source of plant nutrients also known as a provider of oxygen on earth

Medicinal plants are plants that contain substances believed to cure diseases. This plant is well known in the medical world. In addition to being easy to obtain, nor does it have side effects with notes in proportion while taking it. Besides medicinal plants has long been used as the main ingredient manufacture of medicinal herbal / herb ( jamu: indonesian). Now some large companies utilize medicinal plants as the main ingredient manufacture of drugs and cosmetics.

Some plants including medicinal plants are Turmeric, ginger, cat's whiskers, rosella, lenkuas, guava, lemon, brotowali and others. But that does not mean other plants not including medicinal plants. In fact all plants, including plants that could have potential as a medicinal plant.

Now of course you can choose. Do keep an instantaneous chemical drugs or medicinal plants provided by nature. Medicinal chemistry is always close to the paradigm heal quickly. It should be remembered Excessive use of chemical drugs or continuously have fatal side effects.

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