Saturday, September 1, 2012


You must already be familiar with traditional foods this one. Although today many fast food restaurant, but the food is never out of date. Even the food is becoming increasingly global.

 If you are a teacher or student interested in holding a demonstration of cooking or processing of food or people who like to experiment making your own traditional food is certainly no harm in trying to make out for yourself.

 It turns out it is not difficult to make. Simply provide soy beans, sieve, sift untu cloth, mortar, pot, vinegar for clotting and turmeric as a coloring.

  •  First clean the soy beans are then rinse thoroughly.
  •  Soak in water for 6-12 hours
  •  Move into a strainer / sieve, allow 30 minutes to dry.
  • Minced or mashed soybeans that have been dried it with a given water little by little, as much as 2 times the weight of the soaked soybeans.
  •  Boil water in a pot, a lot of water 6 times dry soybeans.
  •  Soybeans that have been finely put in water that has been boiled.
    stir for 10 minutes. Then the filtered soybean porridge with a cloth.
  •  separate the starch and pulp
  •   starch was given vinegar to taste and stirred until uniform. Vinegar serves to agglomerate
  • Prepare the mold and then cover with fabric filter
  • remove clumps of tofu onto the mold that has been coated fabric before , wrap, and press for 30 minutes.
  •  Open and ready to cut.
Now you can cook it according to your tastes

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