Saturday, September 22, 2012

Giving orders in children

All parents would want their children to be a submissive. No exception with you of course. Was used when a child has the instinct to act in accordance with the will of his own. But sometimes what they want to do is something we did not expect. For example, because we know that what will be done it will harm him. Of course we as parents can only forbid that he should not do things that will make him regret it in the end.

However, a child will have a tendency to fight. Perhaps this is because due to the child's self-esteem to feel humiliated or feel like to try / discover new ones. What is clear is the child will implement what we forbid . For example, what happened between me and my students.

On that day there was a meeting between the teacher and parents.Students are deliberately not closed, for whatever reason, by the school principal. However, the principal gave me the order, do not let the kids fuss. At that time I said, "Do not noisy!" Which makes me surprised is they say "YES WE WOULDN'T NOISY" with a very loud voice. Occasionally they will obey. However, adherence temporary. 

In the end I found a method that is quite effective. Give them a "command", not "ban". Yes. They will be very proud to do what we tell it. Especially if you are good at praising. But "beware" lest he become a spoiled child because of your praise.

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