Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Goku Vs Superman! Who will be the winner?


Has an idol clearly a human character, so is mine. Since childhood I liked the cartoon character who is very strong, perhaps because the nature of a child who always wants a perfect protector in his eyes.  

This time I want to discuss a bit about the strongest superhero ever in the world of comics. 

Who does not know superman? 
Superhero of DC world has been so famous that many dreamed of having supernatural powers belong to superman. He can fly, blow up water into ice, through space, even moving the lunar orbit. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created Superman as a boy scout figures, calm, dignified and has an incredible charismatic. His phenomenon to spread to various media, newspaper comics, television, to become a cultural icon.

He was born on the planet Krypton, a planet that is rarely illuminated by the sun. One time the planet exploded, Superman who has real name Kal-EL  were rescued by his parents driving a super-sophisticated aircraft. Jor-El the father said to baby superman that he would be sent to Earth to learn justice, love, and Kal-El will have a super power when it absorbs sunlight is abundant in the earth. On earth he was raised by a pair of farmer Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent. He then named Cark Kent


Meanwhile, the world is quickly rolling so comes a new superhero rival. He is SongokuAkira Toriyama's character creation has managed to match the popularity of the Superman. Not like a boy scout Superman, Son goku is plain even some people consider it stupid (Son goku actually smart brains just a pity he never learned in school). 

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