Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What to do when the lovers are in distant places?

In a relationship will not last forever we will always be close to the idol's heart. There was a time our beloved lover would probably go to distant places for some time. Usually at the moment it appears the feeling is excruciating. "longing".

 And all of it's most important that all about time. It's not about the distance, but time.
Time can indeed affect the love .. sometimes can add, subtract or even eliminate.

 At times during that split liver constancy and fidelity required.. But of course that should not be overlooked is the need of mutual trust. Since one of the destructive love is the loss of trust. Suspicious is a spice once can become viral in love. Moreover, if there is a prejudice among us and the people we love it. Indeed, prejudice is more false than true.

 Always always keep your heart closeness and togetherness, you can connect with loved ones through a variety of ways. call,  chat via sms or facebook and twitter.
keep obtaining romance and longing.

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