Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Make the perfect first impression

First impressions are the most important at the time to build relationships. The first impression will be a trace and as a first impression that is produced subsequent decisions. Do not come to the meeting or a first date is damaged due to a bad impression. Believe that he/she might be less sympathetic to you and maybe even he/she will feel a deterrent on a date with you.

Give the perfect impression, because the first impression will always be remembered by both of you. Make an impression that tempting for people you love because if he/she captivated his heart then his heart will be yours.

Handsome or beautiful face is not enough to win the hearts of people we want.  There are other factors that will he notice from us, so you do not get careless in this regard. Have you ever met someone who gives a deep impression on you. If you answered yes, of course you still remember what are held and you notice from the person. Suppose you meet a man or a woman on a bus. His manner was a jovial, cheerful, dress neatly and attentive. Of course you would assume that the person will be like that in their daily life.

I want to share a little how to make a first impression that will at least make him memorable to you. This knowledge I can from the books I read and the advice from the people closest to me, and my experience.

 1. Take care of your appearance.
Have a handsome or pretty face is not enough to make a wonderful impression on a first date, but the appearance was no less important. Dress neat when you will meet with your date, but be sure not to over-dress. Keep the clothes that make him linger with you.

2. Do not forget about your body odor.
Notice your body odor on a date. Do not let your important night damaged by negligent use your farfum and deodorant. If she is to find your own foul body odor can be sure she will conclude that you are not the person who diligently care for the body.

3.  Clean your mouth and refresh your breath
 Examine your teeth, do not get something stuck in your teeth still carried the date. When you are finished be sure to eat meat scraps of meat still attached to the teeth has been clean. Keep your teeth well not till golden. Because if you like smoking or drinking coffee, it usually is yellow teeth. Go see a doctor for treatment.
Mouth-maintained will result in a fresh breath too. Bad breath will cause disgust your partner so freshen your breath for a perfect impression.

4.  Hygiene.
Usually when we love someone, we would really pay attention people. as well as your lover.
Do not you feel groggy for forgetting her nails done (eg too long but unkempt, paint peeling nails) and had dirt in the neck

5.  Stinging perfume
  Wear your favorite perfume that can be equally liked by both of you. But do not get too oppressive. Because in addition be called flirty but also raises the suspicion that it's actually you smell.

6.  Rarely pay attention when she speaks.
 This usually occurs in women. There are times when she is very anxious to be heard while also she wanted proof do you really care about her.

That part I can tell. actually there are many, but you can definitely prepare your date so as not to disappoint.

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