Tuesday, February 12, 2013

When you have to fight with your spouse

Love is beautiful and it's true. Everyone was convinced and believe that love is a gift from God. But not every trip as it navigates love must be sweet. There was a time where love is being tested. There are times when the feeling of love we have forged.

 That through life we will be faced with problems that are not related to feelings. For example, a career, a problem that suddenly appeared, or other oddly ultimately it involves or destroy the love that we nurture. 

The longer the journey the more normal it will seem like it's sometimes perceived by us. But do not let trivial matters of love destroys our old building we stand for and we yearn for.

If you are not married, perhaps the fight was a time when we will each evaluate themselves. To better understand how the real nature lover so as not to regret later.

But for those of you who have been married a fight is certainly not a trivial problem. Minimizing contention can make us underestimate the result of a fight. Because when anger has landed on the chest can all be damaged.

By the time our emotions have peaked, as it would be nice if you ponder the following:

  1.  Anyone who first loves, obviously you first fell in love. You fall in love because you find something special to him/her.
  2.  Maybe there are some important things in life. such as money, career or otherwise. but clearly all is not more important than the wedding precisely the wedding is a tool to achieve success in life. With mutual support All dreams dreams would come true.
  3.  Last savior for your wedding is that you and your spouse own.
  4. The quarrel is the spice in the marriage. It should foster mutual quarrels keep feeling lest mnyakiti back feeling her lover.
  5. Acting in anger peaking will result / consequence illogical. 
  6.  Childish is the right word to each other when we prioritize / defend their egos.
  7.  The truth is the first to succumb. It's because of a break down more understand which is more important, ego or relationship.
  8. Be patient was fun
  9.  In every issue there is wisdom.

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