Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Roses : 7 Colors 7 Meanings

Everyone has a certain way to show his affection for everyone he loved.Sometimes we are going to surprise the special moments. Can be a chocolate, stuffed, or roses for your girlfriend or clothes for mom and cigarette lighter for dad. What would you give to other people as people you respect?
Of course You  do not be mistaken in giving gifts.Gifts that until now remained a symbol of love is  roses.
 Of course you expect your lover flowery heart when receiving a rose from you. But what if she miss understanding the giving because you have the wrong roses for her. What happens when you give a red rose to a widow who her husband has just died for the purpose of condolences
That would be very bad

 Here is the meaning of the seven colors of roses.

1. Red roses
Red symbolizes love, beauty, respect, romance, and even as a compliment. So what is the most appropriate flowers to give to your lover? Of course the answer is the red rose.

2. White roses

White as a symbol of true love, holiness, purity of heart and greatness. This flower would be more convincing to the lover that you are so loved and cared for her. 

3. Pink roses
Pink symbolizes happiness, respect, tenderness, and of course praise. If you fall in love with someone, give this rose. Surely he would understand that how you flatter her. But the flower is also could to give to friends or family that you really respect

4. Blue roses.
 In nature you probably will never see the color blue. However, today's genetic engineering has presented several attractive colors for the roses. Like most people who interpret the color blue as a symbol of imagination, the blue rose represents the excitement that can not be depicted.

5. Black roses
 Do not let you give the black roses  to the lover who loves you. Give flowers to someone who has ruined your feelings.

6. Yellow roses 
If you're jealous of your sweetheart, express this by giving this flowers.

7. green roses
You certainly know that every fertile soil is always depicted with green leaves. That's about the meaning of the color green. Green symbolizes fertility, or rather welfare. If you send green roses , then it means that you are saying may happiness always be with you.

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